Your Scottish American Ancestry 

Your Scottish-American Ancestry


Researching your Scottish ancestry from America, with Family History sources, musings on aspects of Scottishness, inheritance, heraldry, migration, land and maps, DNA, hints and tips, and more.

This book emerged from courses taught at the universities of Strathclyde and Edinburgh in Scotland, and Guelph in Canada, and from many talks given in Scotland, the USA and elsewhere. It is not a list of sources, although many sources, archive holdings and websites are discussed.



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Books and papers by Bruce Durie


Books published

Medicine - McDonalds Educational Press, London, 1987 (Short-listed for the Royal Society/ COPUS Science Book Prize, 1988)

(Ed). Success and Creativity in Pharmaceutical Research and Development. - IBC, London 1991

Creating a Web Site - How To Books (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001); Chinese language Edition (2000)

The High History of the Holy Quail - Citron Press (July 1998), Gath-Askelon Publishing (March 2001)

1000 Best Web Sites - How To Books (1999, 1999, 2000)

e-Business - How To Books (July 2000)

A Century of Glasgow - Sutton Publishing (October 2000)

Quick Fix Your Web Life - How To Books (March 2001)

e-Business Essentials - How To Books (July 2001)

Glasgow Past and Present - Sutton Publishing (October 2001)

A Century of Kirkcaldy - Sutton Publishing (April 2002)

A Century of Dunfermline - Sutton Publishing (October 2002)

The Story of Stirling - Sutton Publishing (April 2003)

The Murder of Young Tom Morris – Gath-Asklelon Publishing (2003, 2012) - Now available in new edition

Dick Donovan, The Glasgow Detective - Mercat Press/Birlinn (2005)

(Ed)·The Man-Hunter by Dick Donovan - facsimile reproduction of the original 1888 Chatto & Windus volume with critical introduction (Gath-Askelon, 2005)

(Ed) Caught At Last! by Dick Donovan - facsimile reproduction of the original 1889 Chatto & Windus volume with critical introduction (Gath-Askelon, 2005)

(Ed) Tracked and Taken by Dick Donovan - facsimile reproduction of the original 1890 Chatto & Windus volume with critical introduction (Gath-Askelon, 2005)

Romances from a Detective's Case Book - Dick Donovan in The Strand Magazine 1892 , republished with additional and interpretative material (2005, 2012) - Now available in new edition)

The Pinkerton Casebook - Mercat Press/Birlinn (2007)

The Comic History of Heraldry by R H Edgar (1878) with a new Introduction by Bruce Durie - Heraldic Classics series

Scottish Genealogy – The History Press (3rd edition Dec 2011)

Dunfermline - Sutton Publishing (January 2010)

Glasgow... Not a Guide toThe History Press (1 Aug 2012)

Edinburgh... Not a Guide to – The History Press (1 Aug 2012)

Documents for Genealogy & Local History – The History Press (2013)

Welsh Genealogy – The History Press (1 Oct 2012)

Bloody Scottish History - Glasgow – The History Press 1 Aug 2012

Retours of Services of Heirs - Inquisitionum ad Capellam Domini Regis Retornatarum, quae in Publicis Archivis Scotiae Adhuc Servantur (Inquiries Retourned to the Chancery of our Lord the King which are Held in the Archives of Scotland)
  Volume A - Special Retours Aberdeen to Kirkcudbright, 1544 to 1699
  Volume B - Special Retours Lanark-Wigton, General Retours and Inquisitionum de Tutela, 1544 to 1699, plus a Latin Glossary
  Volume C - Inquisitiones Valorum and Inquisitiones de Possessione Quinquennalli (1544 to 1699), Decennial Indexes to the Services
     of Heirs in Scotland (1700–1859), Tabula Generalis (numerical summaries)

J.H. Stevenson's Heraldry in Scotland - a recreation of the classic 1914 Maclehose edition


In press or in preparation

(with Macdonald, A.) Stylorum Veterum ac Recentiorum - Stair Society (2012

You Are Pure Music – Edvard Munch and Eva Mudocci (2012)

The Man Who Was Dick Donovan: a critical appraisal and biography of J E P Muddock (2012)

Three Crescents Or - a prosopography and family history of the Duries of Durie (2013)


Research and Publications (recent and upcoming)

Durie, B. 221 – The Final Solution. Sherlock Holmes Journal, 26:4 (issue 103 Summer 2004);160

Durie, B. MacPherson’s Rant, or, Robbery with Violins. Scots Thistle, August 2004

Durie, B. Time Has Told Me. Scots Thistle, September 2004

Durie, B. Why 221? The Final Solution! Scots Thistle, October 2004

Durie, B. The Physiology of Faeries. Scots Thistle, January 2005

Durie, B. Senses special: Doors of perception. New Scientist, 29 January 2005

Durie, B. The Confusing Heraldry of St Margaret. Tak Tent (Heraldry Society of Scotland), April 2007.

Durie, B. St Margaret’s Martlets -The Arms of Dunfermline Abbey. The Double Tressure, 2008.

Durie, B. Where Is St. Margaret? History Scotland, 2008

Durie, B. Dick Donovan, The Glasgow Detective And His Creator, James Edward (Joyce Emerson Preston) Muddock Clues, Winter 2008.

Durie, B. Accrediting Genealogy And Genealogists - 27th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences, St Andrews, August 2006.

Durie, B. When Genes and Genealogy Collide - a Taxonomy of Durie/Dury Arms in Scotland and France, XXVIII Congrès International des Sciences Généalogique et Héraldique, Quebec June 2008 (in French)

Durie, B. “Border Families and their Books in Northern England and in Scotland, c.1480-c.1620” - Symposium, Merton College, Oxford, 16-17 April 2010

Durie, B. “The Scottish Register of Arms as a Restoration Phenomenon” - Heraldry Society Conference, York 12-14 Aug 2010

Durie, B. “Flectures” – Building Flexible Flash/Mp3 Learning Materials From Narrated Powerpoints - EDEN Dublin Annual Conference June 2011

Durie, B. “DNA and What It Means To Be Scottish” - VII International Colloquium of Genealogy, September 2011 Bologna, Italyy

Durie B. “One Family at the Reformation – Abbot George Durie, Bishop Andrew Durie and Revd. John Durie of St Giles and Montrose” Reformation Studies Colloquium, St Chad's College, Durham, September 2012

Durie, B. “Untangling the Scottish, Dutch and American Durie/DuRy families - Documents, DNA and Heraldry“ XXXth International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences, Maastricht, Netherlands, September 2012


Radio etc.

Presenter/Expert on Digging Up Your Roots and A House With A Past (BBC Radio Scotland, annually since 2006) and regular guest on The Radio Café and The Fred Macaulay Show.

Genealogist for Verborgen verleden, The Netherlands TV version of Who Do You Think You Are, 2011

Chairman of panel-game series Alternating Currents and panellist on The Litmus Test, BBC Radio Scotland

Regularly wrote science scripts for BBC World Service Science Unit, 1980-82.

Medical correspondent, Capital Radio (London's primary talk and music radio station) 1980-82.


Plays and Screenplay

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Pneumonic Numismatist. 1991 (performed at 12 locations around the UK and in Chicago, USA, starring Simon Williams and William Simons).

MacPherson’s Rant (Written for and performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 1992)

MacPherson’s Rant (Feature film, in development

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