Genealogy of the Durie family originating in Fife, Scotland ca. 1260 AD
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Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England



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  Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID 
1 BOTTOMLEY, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1805Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10663
2 LEAROYD, Albert John  Abt 1836Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10557
3 LEAROYD, Blanche  1859Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11050
4 LEAROYD, Charles Douglas  Oct 1859Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11051
5 LEAROYD, Charles William  7 Sep 1826Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09861
6 LEAROYD, Daphne  1899Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11014
7 LEAROYD, Edwin  Abt 1834Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10558
8 LEAROYD, Frederick  Abt 1828Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10561
9 LEAROYD, Gwendolen E M  Jul 1894Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11502
10 LEAROYD, James  Oct 1838Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10555
11 LEAROYD, Joan Vera  1888Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11501
12 LEAROYD, Joe  Abt 1832Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10559
13 LEAROYD, Mildred Eleanor  23 Apr 1885Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11499
14 LEAROYD, Mona Isabel  Jul 1855Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11049
15 LEAROYD, Tom  Abt 1830Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10560
16 TURNER, Alice Mabel Brooke  Abt 1870Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10785
17 TURNER, Edith M B  Abt 1872Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10564
18 TURNER, Florence Brooke  1858Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10788
19 TURNER, Florence Brooke  1859Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11312
20 TURNER, Frances Brooke  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09922
21 TURNER, Joseph Brooke  1833Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09933
22 TURNER, Joseph Brooke  Abt 1862Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10786
23 TURNER, Nancy B  Abt 1860Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10787


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  Last Name, Given Name(s)   Baptism   Person ID 
1 BOTTOMLEY, Elizabeth  1 Sep 1805Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10663


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  Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID 
1 LEAROYD, Alfred Ernest  Mar 1867Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09851
2 LEAROYD, Charles Douglas  1860Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11051
3 LEAROYD, Charles Douglas  1860Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11051
4 LEAROYD, Mona Isabel  1856Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11049
5 TURNER, Alice Mabel Brooke  1870Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10785
6 TURNER, Joseph Brooke  1862Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10786


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  Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID 
1 BOTTOMLEY, Elizabeth  1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10663
2 BROOKE, Jane  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09944
3 CLARK, Isabel Eleanor  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09865
4 LEAROYD, Albert John  1841Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10557
5 LEAROYD, Albert John  1871Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10557
6 LEAROYD, Alfred Ernest  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09851
7 LEAROYD, Alfred Ernest  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09851
8 LEAROYD, Blanche  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11050
9 LEAROYD, Charles Douglas  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11051
10 LEAROYD, Charles Douglas  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11051
11 LEAROYD, Charles Douglas  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11051
12 LEAROYD, Edwin  1871Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10558
13 LEAROYD, Edwin  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10558
14 LEAROYD, Edwin  1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10558
15 LEAROYD, Frederick  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10561
16 LEAROYD, Frederick  1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10561
17 LEAROYD, James  1841Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10555
18 LEAROYD, Mona Isabel  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11049
19 LEAROYD, Mona Isabel  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11049
20 LEAROYD, Mona Isabel  1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I11049
21 LEAROYD, Percival Augustus  1871Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10552
22 LEAROYD, Tom  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10560
23 LEAROYD, Tom  1871Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10560
24 TURNER, Florence Brooke  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10788
25 TURNER, Joseph Brooke  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I09933
26 TURNER, Nancy B  1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England I10787