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Victorian Crime Fiction
ROMANCES FROM A DETECTIVEÁSE-BOOK - Dick Donovan stories from The Strand Magazine 1892
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Romances from a Detective's Case-Book



(James Edward [Joyce Emmerson] Preston Muddock)


Dick Donovan stories from The Strand Magazine 1892

Edited and with additional material by Bruce Durie

 This volume contains four hard to find and rarely-collected stories by 飫 Donovan芠E P Muddock), originally printed in Strand in July, August, September and November 1892, between the first and second series of Arthur Conan Doyle༩>Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

 Also rolex yachtmaster reproduced here, for the sake of completeness, and because of its intrinsic quality, is Grant Allenϣtober 1892 tale, The Great Ruby Robbery. An appreciation of that worthy man, for whom the bald term ⩴er鳠wholly inadequate, is included.

 There are brief sketches of the artists Paul Hardy, who illustrated the Donovan stories, and Sidney Paget, who drew for Grant Allen๡rn, but better known as the accidental illustrator of the Holmes stories (Strand really wanted his brother Walter replica watch for that task 㥥 p. 143).

 The layout of this book differs from that of the original Strand publications, but the typographical conventions of the day have been largely adhered to, even if they look antiquated or simply wrong by todayವles. A few errors have been corrected


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Dick Donovan The Glasgow Detective

The earliest stories set in Glasgow

(James Edward [Joyce Emmerson] Preston Muddock)

Edited and with additional material by Bruce Durie

Before Sherlock Holmes there was Dick Donovan. The name struck terror into the hearts of thieves, murderers, fences, swindlers and criminals of every class, and his exploits gave delight to millions worldwide from 1888 onwards.
  The first uk replica watches internationally-popular Victorian police detective, Dick Donovan was Glasgow௷n protector of the peace.  

Master of disguise!

Detective sans pareil!

Dogged pursuer of the guilty!

Indefatigable ally of Justice! Nemesis of all evil!

  飫 Donovan硳 the pen-name for a hugely successful series of over 200 stories and books written by J.E.P.  Muddock. These tales pre-dated in popularity Conan Doyleॡrly Sherlock Holmes outings.
  Dick Donovan achieved an international reputation as the master sleuth, and is reputedly responsible for American detectives being known popularly as 飫s좲>   The foremost, the original, the genuine, the one, the only Man-Hunter in his earliest cases  available again, with introductory and biographical material by Dr. Bruce Durie, the foremost authority on Dick Donovan 䨥 Glasgow Detective

Warning! Do not allow your children, servants, or elderly relatives of a nervous disposition to read these stirring tales of wrong-doers brought to book


Further books in this series will follow:















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